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A Quick and Easy Guide to Choosing the Perfect Flooring For Your Home

Choosing the type of floor that suits your home can be a daunting task; there’s the Style, the Comfort, the Durability and overall Quality of the flooring that you’ll have to consider.  But according to Mohawk Flooring, exploring the latest design and style trends is a useful and fun way to generate ideas and it’s hard to disagree. You simply have to take your time to explore the options that we have and choose the one that’s perfect for you. Here’s a quick and easy guide to help you select the floor plan that works for you and your budget.

What’s Your Style?
With the numerous options that we have today, you’ll have to know what type of flooring you want. What’s the color palette and floor pattern that attract you most? Think about the texture and the feels that you get; is it the smoothness and the sleek lines of ceramic tiles that attract you most? Is it the popularity of Hardwood flooring that appeal to you? Or maybe the versatility and luxurious looking carpets that’s gotten your attention? Whatever it is, keep in mind that it should go along with the furniture and accessories that you have.

What’s Your Lifestyle?
Consider how you and your family will be using the rooms. Do you have pets that will be running around the house? –  You might want to consider other options besides carpets. Do you have kids who’ll be playing around with who knows what? – Then go for the tiles as they’re easily cleaned up and withstands foot traffic. Take note that your floor should stand up to the wear and tear of your family member over time.

What’s Your Budget?
Shop around your local stores and go through online stores too. It is important to know how much your budget is so you can narrow down your options and minimize future problems. Crunch the numbers. Don’t forget to include delivery, labor and other materials such as adhesives.

Once you’ve figured out these three things and already have an idea of what floor then it’s time to go ahead and shop around your local stores or go through online stores. Take note of the prices and the style and compare them so you only get the one that matches your floor qualifications. While you’re at it, consider flooring options:

Hardwood Flooring: Hardwood floors are traditional favorites thanks to their durability and the warmth it provides. While oak remains the most popular choice among home owners, wood from cherry and walnut trees are also worth considering.

Softwood Flooring: Though much less durable, softwood floors such as Pine, Fir, Cypress and Cedar continues to be a top choice due to their affordable rates, availability and the beauty it brings to homes.

Cons: Wood flooring is more susceptible to scratches, dents, dings, easily gets damaged from excessive moisture and will show wear especially in heavily-trafficked areas.

Price Range: According to Home Advisor, the average cost of installation for wood flooring is around $4,300 in a national scale and may range from $2,500-$6,500

Vinyl Flooring: This type of flooring is versatile and often installed in high traffic areas making it perfect when you have kids or pets running around your home. It is 100% moisture resistant making it cost-effective.

Cons: It has a shorter lifespan as compared to wood flooring and cannot be repaired. They are easily damaged by sharp objects and difficult to remove.

Price Range: Price range of installation for Vinyl floors is around $1,500 for the national average ranging from $750-$2,500

Ceramic/Porcelain Tile: Both tiles are made from clay mixture though porcelain is a bit pricier compared to ceramic tiles only because it is denser and more durable. Floor tiles are stain resistant, have low maintenance, water proof and have a long lifespan making it a very good floor choice.

Price Range: Having a tiled floor means you’ll need to have rugs over them especially during the winter due to their coldness and another is their weight not making a good option for upper-story installations.

Cost:Tiles installation is a bit pricey which is around $1,700 and may range from $860-$2500 depending on your location.

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