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Tips for a Quick and Affordable Kitchen Makeover

We all know that a home isn’t complete without a beautiful kitchen and we all have our own unique ideas about what makes a kitchen beautiful. The kitchen, being the center of the home can cost thousands of dollars just for a makeover.

Last 2017, according to Forbes.com, the majority of Americans spends around $25,000 to $50,000 for kitchen renovations for the same reason as you – they’re tired of how their old kitchen looks and feels, but what if you don’t have that much amount of money to spend for a kitchen revamp?

Photo by Naomi Hébert on Unsplash

Changing the color of your walls, changing the door style of your existing cabinets and updating your lights transforms the whole rooms’ appearance without busting your budget while giving you the option of personalizing your kitchen to your own liking. Try these quick and easy tips for an affordable kitchen revamp:

1. Change the Atmosphere

A color sets the ambience inside a room and sets the mood so make sure to choose your kitchen’s paint color wisely and with care since it’s a room where most people spend much time in. Warmer colors such as yellow, orange, and red helps stimulate the appetite making them superb options for your kitchens.

  • Toned-Down Yellow: Designers and Homeowners both agree that light yellow is the best color for kitchens; it’s a perfect match for wooden furniture like kitchen cabinets, it makes the kitchen more welcoming and it reflects maximum ambient light making the room look bigger.
Kitchen interior design with furniture equipment and utensils, light yellow wall color
Concept Image; light yellow wall color
  • Classic White and Energizing Red: White being classical, it endures style and stands the test of time while the color red tends to warm up and energize the space and add additional visual interest. Combining these two colors gives the kitchen a vibrant and thoroughly modern cooking space.
Kitchen interior design with furniture equipment and utensils, classic white wall color, red furniture paint color
Concept Image; classic white wall color and red furniture paint color
  • Citrus Orange: This shade of color is both fun and energizing uplifting the mood of family members going to the kitchen while the brightness of this color complements the wood tones nicely to create a warm and cozy effect.
Kitchen interior design with furniture equipment and utensils, orange wall color
Concept Image; orange wall color

2. Add more “Space”

Not only do the walls make a difference in making the room bright but so do the cabinets. If painting them isn’t an option for you then try these few tips made to make the kitchen more spacey:

white clean dish on a dish rack
Dishes in Display
  • Display the Dishes: This simple yet stylish storage option is perfect for displaying your dishware in a sophisticated way while being practical. Simply remove the cabinet doors and install a plate rack that suits the size of your dishes.
  • Glass Doors: Replacing the old wooden cabinet doors to glass; smooth, etched, frosted, increase the sense of space of your kitchen and can completely change the look of the kitchen. A colored glass door to match your walls is also a great option.
Kitchen cabinet with opened fronts with Kitchen bench shelves with various food ingredients on white background
Open Shelf
  • Open-Shelving: It’s not only inexpensive but having open-shelves gives your kitchen a trendy and modern look while increasing your storage options. Simply remove the cabinet doors and painting the rest matching the color of your walls.

3. Update your Lights

If you think that your lights are outdated and want a fresher look and better lighting then go ahead and change them. IKEA, Bunnings and Home Depot all offer tons of affordable but creative lighting fixtures for less than $100.

Vintage ceiling light lamp decoration interior
Update your Lights
  • Kitchen Pendant Lights: From traditional to modern, this simple lighting arrangement looks great for all types of kitchen. Get something to match your kitchens color otherwise go for black or white as they will match all colors.
  • Simple Ceiling Lights: If you’re not the type of person that would want to spend something for lighting fixtures then having simple ceiling lights will be your best option – it’s both budget friendly and universal.
  • DIY Chandeliers? : Go ahead and explore your creativity! Plenty of artists and designers are out there and there’s only one true place to see their works- Pinterest! Spend some time in Pinterest and you’ll find plenty of DIY options and ideas that are easy to do.

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