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6 Simple Easy Steps to Having a Minimalist Home

Showing the Aesthetics of “Less is more”, the embrace to a minimalist lifestyle has rapidly become popular. Plenty of celebrities like Chris Daughtry, Warren Buffet, Mark Zuckerberg,  Kesha, and Lady Gaga all live in modest homes and live a humble lifestyle. Even Keanu Reeves who’s rubbing shoulders with the rich and the famous said that big houses, expensive cars and a fancy lifestyle just complicates your life.

Since 2016, minimalism have become popular and we’re not seeing this phasing out this 2019. It’s the idea of living a simple and uncluttered life with less stuff in a modest home that attracts many especially the millenials. In fact, more and more home-owners are embracing the minimalist approach to their space-starved homes.

coffee mug and flower pot in a corner of a minimalistic white room
Less is more

So it’s 2019 and you’ve finally thought about de-cluttering your home and to live a minimalist lifestyle. If you’re one of the hundreds of people who admire a minimalist home decor but have trouble emulating it in your own homes or have very little money to spend on attractive home furnishings, here’s a few simple hacks to layout the things you already have in a better way for a minimalist home:

1. Prioritize Cleanliness

organized kitchen and dining room
organize and remove unnecessary furniture

Having a clean home greatly benefits your health and over-all wellbeing. De-clutter your home of the things you don’t use that’s just taking up too much space- extra clothes and shoes, books/magazines you no longer read, kitchenware and cookware that’s stuck in your garage, basically all the stuff you’re no longer using – either give them to someone who needs them or sell them.

2. Give all your things A proper Home

blue sofa in the middle; small cabinet on the left with white flower pot on the top;  bookshelf on the right
Treat your things as a part of the decor

Use the things you live with as decors or at least display them prominently. An instrument, favorite books, a drawing or painting from someone you like, all these things make a space special and interesting.

3. Go Green

Vase plant decoration with empty room - vintage haze filter
The idea is to use “Real” materials versus plastic

Going green isn’t just about having a plant by your window or having a small garden in the backyard. While plants do a lot to elevate a room, accessories out of “noble” materials like wood, glass, metal and porcelain also makes a space special. Removing and phasing out all the plastic out of your home makes it even better. The idea is to use “Real” materials versus plastic.

4. Recycle Old Cabinets and Other Furniture

Thinking of replacing them with new stylish cabinets? Rather than throwing them away, a good way to revive them and have a fresher look is to remove the doors, sand out the layers and add a backsplash- tiles, mirrors, glass… anything that comes into your mind will do. If you’re a handyman, upcycling your furniture will be a great idea!

5. Minimize decorations.

white room with couch and lamp, wooden chairs and table
Lessen decorations that may not be of practical use

Minimize or if possible, eliminate decorations that don’t add value and don’t serve a purpose to your life in a meaningful way. The idea is to embrace the beauty of clear, open spaces avoiding impractical clutter in your home including the walls. Having a few pieces of engrossing art to match a room can have a bigger impact than a whole roomful of disposable décor.

6.  Paint your Walls

plant, clock, cabinet, wooden floor, empty white wall background
If you opt for solid colors, go for white or other light colors to reflect the light and brighten up the space

Painting makes a really big difference and is quick ways to easily freshen up and update your home. While this isn’t really a necessity, still it’s best to create a fresh environment this New Year. A minimalist yet stylish way to re-paint them is having 50% lighter and 150% darker color scheme to emphasize light and shadow yet signifies a single color scheme. If you opt for solid colors, go for white or other light colors to reflect the light and brighten up the space.

Well, that sums it up in starting your minimalist home. If you haven’t yet de-cluttered your personal space last December then this will a good start for you to transform your home. Minimalism isn’t about having an empty room; it’s about owning the things that you need and the ones that give value to your life. Characterized by simple decors and functionality is what a minimalist home is.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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