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Home Interior Design for a Night Person

In contrast to the day person, the night person or night owl is someone who is more active at night. They often sleep during the days and prefer doing things when everyone else is asleep like the night shift, clubbing or simply watching movies with friends at night. 

A saying goes”they are awake when the world sleeps.” This means that while they enjoy the company of others, they often prefer being alone simply for the notion that they are more comfortable with themselves or with intimate friends.

A night person often lives in a home that is designed for their particular lifestyle. Often times, they favor bold and striking colors since they are quintessentially ‘the life of the party’ or more somber and calmer elements since they are also loners. So what can you expect in a home fitting for a night owl? Here are a few signature elements.


As stated earlier, night persons prefer bold colors that stand out. They prefer bold colors like red, black, grey and even metals like gold and platinum. These colors are especially emphasized at night, often seen in neon signs, bars and even all night coffee houses.

You can incorporate the color red in kitchen back splashes or even have red leather bar chairs. Apart from bold colors, you will also see cool colors like dark blues and gradient purples.

These colors are reminiscent of the night sky and galaxies. Incorporate those hues in either furniture or accessories.


Sleep in the Day

As much as they want to be nocturnal, night persons or night owls are human and humans naturally sleep at night due to their circadian rhythm or natural body clock. But since they are more active at night, night persons need to sleep during the day. A great way to help them achieve that is by creating an interior that helps mimic nighttime. Invest in some good blackout curtains.

They literally can shield you from the sun as well as keep the entire area closed from prying eyes. Acoustic walls can be great for sound proofing as well. And above all, consider comfort. Just because they sleep in the day doesn’t mean they don’t sleep comfortably. Design their bedroom in such a way that it has comfortable bedding and a night table that holds essentials like ear plugs and eye masks. 

Extra Security

Apart from sleeping in the day, night persons need to be sure that while they are asleep or at the very least out at night, their home is well secured. Consider installing security  measures such as new locks and bolts. If the budget allows, install a security system that is linked to their smart phones.

Life of the Party

As mentioned earlier, night persons are more active at night. Among said night persons are those who enjoy clubbing or having a night life. Create an area where they can entertain guests, like a mini bar or even an island kitchen if the person happens to be a chef who mixes cooking and entertaining all in one.  

If they like hosting all night parties, play around with some unique lighting effects and create a club like ambiance. Install some speakers in certain parts of the interior for that perfect party sounds. Just don’t forget to soundproof the overall interior. Night persons wouldn’t want to wake their neighbors with their loud music.

Work hard play hard

Another reason why night persons are active at night is because they prefer working during the night. More often than not, they tend to get the job done when it’s just them and the night sky. Design a work station that can help them with whatever task they have. Invest in a chair that not only relaxes their back when working, but can also be sat on for long periods of time. A place near a window is quite good; especially one with a nice view of the night sky.

While they are working , they have an interesting view of the sky as well as an indicator that dawn is almost coming. If a work station is not part of the agenda, an area for leisure would be perfect. If the person is a gamer, set a gaming station or if he is a hobbyist, set up a craft station. There is so much that can be done.

These are just some of the tips you can employ when designing a home for night people.  But the most important tip of all is to put yourself in their shoes and imagine what can you possibly provide for them in order for them to be have a comfortable way of enjoying their lifestyle. And once you do, there is no doubt that you can create an interior that makes them feel more at home even if it is night.  


  1. I really love the blue/purple colour palette in this! It’s amazing to think the colour of a room can have such an impact! Thanks for sharing x

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