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Top 5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For A 3-Year Old Toddler

Moving To A New Home? Having a Three-Year old to your home? We’ve round up some of helpful tips on making your home friendly to three-year old toddlers:

Design a Playroom

1. Design a Playroom.

For toddlers, the age three is one of the critical stage in their maturity so it’s important to set a comfortable environment for them as they grow. A playroom is one of the places wherein child will feel most comfortable; it is also a place where they can learn through educational toys and expand their imagination with the happy surroundings of the playroom. As expected, a playroom may be themed or painted with bright colors. These colors will also aid in the development of the toddler’s ability to identify and differentiate colors and even associate colors with a specific emotion. Most playrooms are themed with different child-friendly characters such as Peppa Pig, Disney and Frozen while some are just simply color-themed.There’s no need to designate a big area of the room, a small section of the house with sufficient area to include toys and for walking is enough as a playroom!

2. Set Up a Potty Trainer.

Set Up a Potty Trainer

In The Bathroom. Most three-year old toddlers would have been potty trained by this age. If not, then it’s essential that they continue or start potty training. If you’re moving to a new home, you would want to make the toddler to feel comfortable and let him see that most of the things he’s accustomed to is still there – and that includes the potty trainer! Potty training is one of the most anticipated achievement of a toddler’s life so it’s important that the mindset of using the comfort room when pooping is set to continue at this age.

3. Put Anti-Slip Mats Everywhere.

The age three is one of the most difficult and tiring stage for parents who are parenting their child. This is because most three year olds find it fun running around, touching everything that sparks curiosity and almost climbing every obstacle that they deem to see. So most parents and babysitters end up running around the room to catch up. While running around seems to be fun for toddlers, it also puts them at risk so anti-slip mats prevent your toddlers from falling down and thereby decreasing the risk of acquiring bruises or wounds if ever they fall down.

4. Top Up Books.

Top Up Books

Cognitive and language milestones are very relevant at the age of three. And books are very essential in helping them develop or achieve those milestones. Educational books filled with letters, colors, objects and numbers will help them prepare for the upcoming years of school as well as give them an idea about the things that they will encounter in their daily lives. Additionally, books will also give toddlers an idea as to what specific topics spark their interest! As a parent, it is a joy to see children become curious and inspired with what they read and learn.

5. Get Ready for A Pool Party.

Get Ready for A Pool Party

It’s best to teach children swimming at a young age as possible. Swimming is not only an important life skill but also a fun activity to bond with siblings and other family members. If you don’t have a sufficient space to create a swimming pool, then a inflatable pool will be just as enjoyable.

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