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7 Tips for Creating a Multi-Functional Entryway

Tired of seeing a mess the first time you enter your home every time? According to CNBC, at least one of four Americans has a clutter problem with the foyer ranking the most cluttered.

A home’s entryway sets the tone for what’s inside similar to the first pages of a book where it sets the scene of the story. Having a beautiful entryway gives you the opportunity to sweep off your guests off of their feet. But having a dazzling home entryway isn’t just enough right? It’s because entryways are made for convenience, a place to unload your burden when you arrive home and a place where you can easily get the stuff you need when going out such as keys, umbrellas, and dog leashes.  

Creating a beautiful yet functional entryway may be a challenging task but regardless of the size and limited time that you have, it’s possible. Here easy and attractive entryways perfect for small entryways that draws your guests welcoming them to enter your home.

Glass sliding door, empty room with white frames

1. De-clutter and organize

Arriving home with an ugly to mess to greet isn’t just doesn’t feel good and not very welcoming especially for your guests. It’s only imperative that the entryway is clean and orderly. Make it a point that your things have their own place.

2. Assign a Personal Space

Assign each family member their own place to put their stuff such as a basket and a hook. This makes it easier to de-clutter the space when the time comes and is perfect especially for kids or teens who have the tendency to place their stuff all over the place. The hook is for their coats or bags while smaller stuff like books, jewelry, dog leash, small toys goes inside the basket. When the spot is filled up, that’s the cue it’s time for to clear out some stuff.

3. A Place for Essentials

Since this is the first point of contact with the home and the last place to go through when leaving, designate a spot, such as a shelf for keys and mail to land. It’s also a good idea to keep a bin nearby with grab-and-go items like umbrellas for rainy days or hooks for flashlights and leashes for nighttime dog walks.

4. Mailbox

Stash a recycling bin or basket near your entryway to make it easier to discard junk mail and prevent it from piling up in the kitchen or your home office.

5. Storage bench

A storage bench is a good piece to have in the entryway which serves as a place to sit when tying and untying shoes while the storage beneath them are for your shoes. Place them beside your boot rack if you have one so foot wears are all in one area.

If you have plenty of shoes and/or if a storage bench does not work for you then you can convert a mail organizer and transform it into a shoe rack. This makes the area more orderly and shoes more accessible.

6. A closet for collection of coats and jackets

If you have a lot of coats and jackets  and require them to be of arm’s reach whenever you go out and hooks just won’t work, then try having a closet for your outerwear. It’s recommended you opt for a single type of hanger to keep things streamlined and choose a sturdy style that will hold up against the heavier winter coats.

modern scandinavian white wood walk in closet with wardrobe near window
A closet for collection of coats and jackets

7. Decorate and add accessories

As always, decorate and add accessories to your space as they play an important role in making a space feel like home. Paintings or picture frames are good examples as it distinguishes your home apart from other households. Also, keep the entryway well lit by painting it with light colors and adding great lighting and make sure that accessories, paint color and the lights complements your furniture to give your entryway a decorative flair.

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