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Top 5 Awesome Designs for Teenage Boys

If you’re looking to design your teenage boys’ room or trying to decipher the current design of your son’s room – the room design ideas below might give you an idea as to which will suit for your boy:

  1. Movie or Book-Themed Room Design
Image from homedit.com

For teenage boys who enjoyed reading Harry Potter, Marvel and DC comics – this is the perfect room design for them. Every corner is filled with an identifiable character that ignites a ignites a happy memory from childhood and an inspiration to be as good as the boys’ admired superheroes. Most of the walls are probably filled up with superhero or character posters and a shelves filled with volumes of books, DVDs and comics. And another glass shelf equipped with different action figures. Truly, a room with a design like this is every teenage boy’s dream place.

  • Minimalist
  • Image from freshome.com

    Some teenager boy are as simple-minded as any other male adult. As simple as teenage boys can be, these minimalist rooms only contain the essentials. A room that is dark but plain colored – it usually consists of a bed, a drawer, a study table and a computer. Not only are furnitures minimal but so as the items in the room. There’s no too much clutter or too much stuff lying around. If anything, most minimalists rooms are the cleanest and mostly organized as there is minimal stuff to clean or to organize. Teenage boys who have preference for minimalist designs might are great examples of boy scouts who like to follow the discipline of cleanliness.

  • Artists’ Room.
  • Image from dc.urbanturf.com

    The artist’s room design is the opposite of the minimalist. Almost similar with other designs – the rockstar room is perfect for boys who are music and art enthusiasts. A specific corner in the room is allocated to do a specific art – visual arts through painting, drawing or computer graphics; music through various musical instruments such as piano, guitar or electronic dj set.The walls of the room are filled with various artworks, pieces and works from artists that they admire or look up to.

  • Gamer’s Room.
  • Image from livinator.com

    Ideal for boys’ whose life revolves around games, the gamer’s room is equipped with the latest computer and accessories. The computers installed in the room are sure to be of the latest model to maximize the gaming experience.It has the most comfortable set up with large monitors on both sides for a wider and better view just so boys’ can play all day and night with different games. Other than an upcoming and techie room, the gamer’s room is filled with different game consoles, and game devices.

  • Science-Filled Room
  • Image from pinterest.com

    Perfect of achievers, the science-filled room is probably the room which parents would mostly wish for their teenage son. These type of room designs are the type that house future scientists and explorers. Some of the most common items you’ll find are world maps, rubik’s cube and table of elements. Equipped with encyclopedias, books and items that aspire knowledge, these rooms are filled with items that display hunger for knowledge and wisdom. Most drawers of this room are filled with different equipments that can be used for scientific experiment and projects. Most shelves are filled with encyclopedias and books. Another interesting thing found in a science-designed rooms is a list of goals and dreams that most scientists spend their life working on to achieve!

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