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7 Things To Do To Prepare Your Home For Your Two-Year Old Toddler

Excited to move to your new home with your two-year old child? While having a toddler with the age of two can be tiring and sometimes expensive, the joy of having them around your home feeling comfort and safety is definitely priceless, especially for parents.

Below are some useful tips in preparing your home for your two-year old kid:

1. Gather Supplies!!!

Having a toddler in your home would mean that there would be a regular dirt, clutter and spills. As adorable as children can be, they have no idea what they’re doing with things hence the clutter and spill! If you want to maintain cleanliness around the house, keep a package of washable microfiber cloths you can use on washing stains, a reliable stain cleaner for your carpets and furnitures and a broom to clean up clutter for any broken things. Other supplies include – non-toxic aerosol for air purification, a strap for a seat or infant carrier to put your toddler while you’re doing something.

2. Watch Out For Sharp Corners

As toddlers reach at the age of two, there will be a lot of walking and crawling, so to avoid any accidents such as your toddler hitting sharp corners and edges of your furnitures, doors or hallways. Put corner cushions on sharp edges so in the instance that a toddler may hit these corners, he will not be injured or cut. For tables, avoid having table runners as toddlers are usually curious on things, they might end up pulling them and break things or injure themselves.

3. Mat-ify your Home

Some homes, they try to select an area wherein toddlers can freely run around and the floors are covered with play mat so in the scenario that a toddler falls down, he will not be hit hard on the floor. These mats are also kid-friendly as they are available in various designs and can also be educational. Fortunately these mats are also easily available in malls and even come at a cheap price!

4. Keep Electrical Connections Out

To avoid your child being in contact with live electrical connections, put socket covers on unused electrical sockets. Avoid dangling or lying wires within their reach. Curiosity is something that is developing when the toddlers are in this age so it is best to keep away electrical wirings within their sight or reach so that toddlers will not act on those curiosity.

5. Re-organize and Create Space

While toddlers are small in size, they need a wide space as much as possible when they are young. If they have sufficient space to run around and explore, then that would mean they would have an activity to drain their energy, and eventually they can rest and sleep peacefully. If your house area permits it, having a space for your toddlers is better as they will also start to have a personal space within your home.

6. Re-Evaluate Your Hamper

Once you have a toddler, everything in your house is no longer your own – especially your hamper. With your toddler probably still learning how to pee and poop properly, you will encounter and have to deal with the tons of dirty clothing they use each day. So this will need to re-assess the size of hamper that your family needs and a segregation will also help as most items that your toddler needs would need to be washed on a daily basis.

7. Make Space On Your Fridge and Storage Shelves

Separate the items needed by your toddler for easy access as they are usually needed more often. This way, you can avoid toddlers throwing tantrums when their food is not served immediately or when a toy goes missing. On your fridge, having a separate storage for your toddler’s needs will also give you an idea as to consistently check for the expiration dates of the your toddler’s food.

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