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5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For Your New Cat

If you’re planning on getting a cat but still can’t decide, let this guide help you on what you need to prepare your home and what to expect when you have a cat:

Two cute domestic short hair cats snuggle with one another while lying on a bed
Two cute domestic short hair cats snuggle with one another while lying on a bed

1. Go for Microfiber!!!

Cat hair is similar to dog hair that easily sticks to any fabric. And if you’re planning on getting a cat, there is one thing you should know about them – they like rubbing their body against almost any material. That’s why most humans find them clingy. So if you have fabric sofas, chairs and table covers, make sure that they are cat-friendly and can be easily cleaned by a lint roller. If you want something that can easily be cleaned, you can use microfiber fabric – this type of material can withstand cat’s scratches and does not gather static thereby cat hair does not easily stick with this material.

2. Sanitize, sanitize and sanitize!

Unlike dogs, cats are much more easier to discipline when it comes to littering. But one thing that you should accept if you’re getting a pet is that these loving animals will eventually have a smell that you’ll be accustomed to. So the best way to keep your pets clean is to sanitize your house, your furnitures and every place that your cat is going to be. This ensures that your family and your cat are healthy always. More importantly, cats adore clean places so they’ll feel at home if you keep your place sanitized as always.

3. Ready Your Cat Playground

Cats can be difficult to catch, especially if they are running around from chair to chair and from one table to another. It’s best if you can delegate an area just for your cat. This will give cat a sense of discipline and boundaries while they are at home. Most animals also tend to be territorial in some areas of the house so it’s best if the homeowner is the one who is going to set the area. Additionally, if any family member is feeling down and need some cheering up – all they need to do is go to their cat’s area and get some snuggle time to feel better!

4. Keep The Cats Busy With Toys

Just like dogs, cats are active animals. They like to snuggle in your arms, even if they see you resting comfortably or busy doing something. The best way to keep them active and busy is by providing them with toys that they can enjoy, especially if you are not around to play with them. A cat-post scratcher is a must, so that cats will not damage any of your furniture. A chewable ball or a soft stuff toy will keep them comfy if your arms are too busy to snuggle and play with them!

5. Have The Proper Gears and Accessories

Getting a pet also means getting a daily dose of animal dirt. A litter box is a necessary for urine and feces collection of your cat. You can chose a variety of it at pet shops. A comfy cat bed and a stockful of cat food, cat shampoo and soap is also necessary to keep your cat fulfilled and clean. All these items may sound expensive but they are actually a good investment in keeping your cat healthy and happy inside your home.


  1. Great information! I tried a cat for a pet but I couldn’t handle it jumping onto my tables, counters, climbing my curtains etc. Then I was potty training my son and it decided the bathroom was a good place to go too. I gave up and gave it away.

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