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Corvallis: A Community-Oriented City

Oregon is known for its many quaint towns and lush green forests overlapping each town as though it were part of a glorious painting created by Bob Ross himself. But out of all the cities and towns of Oregon, none could surpass a community-oriented city like Corvallis.

Apart from it being the home of Oregon State University, Corvallis has been dubbed as the most progressive and innovative of all of Oregon’s cities. So what’s the hype about Corvallis? Most people have said that Corvallis is by far the best place to live in for people of all walks of life.

So here are a few fun facts about the community-oriented town and why one should consider relocating there.

The Name Says it All

Did you know it was originally called “Marysville”? So there was a hint that it would be a warm and welcoming community. But at some point, the city decided to change its name. Primarily because there was another city with the same name. And you don’t want your friends and family to be confused on which city you actually live in. Especially if you’re getting mail delivered! So after a few meetings, the city decided on the name Corvallis, which is from the Latin phrase “Cur Vallis” which means “Heart of the Valley”

Now that sounds a lot better and is giving us a prelude on what to expect if you move to the Core of the Valley.

Constantly Learning

Corvallis School Graduates

 As mentioned earlier, Corvallis is home to Oregon State University, an internationally recognized public research university with more than 200 undergraduate degree programs. Because of the diversity the institution promotes, there is never a shortage on interesting activities such as sports fests, cultural events,  and even community-involved activities.

For those with children, you are assured of education of the highest caliber. Apart from Oregon State University, there is also Linn-Benton Community College, a community college that offers various majors and certificates.

Life is a Walk in the Park

The phrase “A walk in the park” is somewhat literal when in Corvallis. For those who enjoy the great outdoors or just being around nature, they would be delighted to know that the city is well situated in such a way that residents have the option to either go to the beach, hike in the mountains or simply take a stroll in the park like city. You can either go to the Willamette River if you’re an avid fisher or stone skipper or if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can opt to go to Mary’s Peak, the highest peak in Oregon.

More often than not, most of the citizens of Corvallis  tend to either walk or bike than drive just to further immerse themselves with the natural surroundings. This is perfect if you’re the type who enjoys biking. There are numerous hiking and biking trails created just for this. With such natural amenities, it’s no wonder why families plan and look forward to nature hikes and picnics.

Foodie’s Paradise

Corvallis Restaurant Week 

Do you remember that one line in the Oliver! Musical “Food, glorious food?” Well, when in Corvallis, it would be expected that you will sing that famous one liner when you see all the available restaurants Corvallis has lined up.

There are about 200 plus restaurants, with varying cuisines designed to suit the varied palettes of Corvallis’ many residents. One of the city’s most popular restaurant is the Local Boyz Hawaiian Café where the specialty is Hawaiian and the prices are worth the cost. Another one is Block 15 Brewing Co., where you can have your fill of salads and chicken and just about anything under the sun. If you’re the type who enjoys a challenge with friends, try Juicy’s Outlaw Grill. What makes them well known is their signature dish; a 777 lb. hamburger. It’s so large that it holds the World Record for the world’s largest hamburger. If you’re the type who enjoys cooking and using fresh ingredients, you can very much schedule a trip to the local farmer’s market to partake the bountiful harvest of Willamette Valley.

Things to Do in Corvallis

So what can you probably do in Corvallis? Are there any events or clubs to look forward to? Are there spots and shops you can visit? Anything out of the ordinary?

You’d be surprised to know that there are a lot of things you can do when you live in Corvallis. If you’re artistic, you can sit in one of the city’s many cafés and sketch to your heart’s content. Or maybe visit some of their quirky bookshops and get a vintage book. Feel like riding a bike? Or doing a few healthy jogs around the park.

You can even join some of the local events and festivals. Corvallis’ Da Vinci Days festival celebrates the life and works of Renaissance man, Leonardo Da Vinci through a series of science exhibits, arts, a film festival and the anticipated kinetic sculpture race.

Getting involved is one of the city’s favorite things to do. People from Corvallis are extremely proud of the city they live in and do what they can when the opportunity presents itself.

If you’re a thrill seeker, you can try your luck at looking for the elusive Bigfoot. Corvallis is known to have had documented sightings on the cryptid himself. You might be the lucky one to get proof he exists.

Corvallis’ Famous Citizens

You would think a city like Corvallis would have some well-known personalities. In fact, you’d be surprised that these celebrated folks once called Corvallis their home. For all those Pixar fans, Brad Bird, famous for films like Ratatouille, The Incredibles and Mission Impossible-Ghost Protocol, graduated from Corvallis High School. Before becoming a MMA fighter, Randy Couture lived and worked as an assistant coach at Oregon State University. And at one point, Michelle Obama’s brother, Craig Robinson served as the basketball coach at Oregon State.

So, if you’re considering on moving to Corvallis, don’t be surprised if you end up having to be one of these famous folks as your neighbor.

Believe it or not, buying a house is often the biggest single purchase in a person’s life. Unlike buying clothes or shoes, a lot of consideration must be taken into account when making the decision. Chief among these considerations are education, occupation and family. Now, if the only reason you are moving to Corvallis is for work or education, it is often best to rent a home. Why? Apart from the population being college students, there is a large amount of properties for rent available in the city.

Now depending on the type of property you are considering to rent, the average rent rate for a 3 bedroom property would range from $1800 to $2,500 a month. The lowest would be a studio apartment which would cost you at least $ 770 a month. If you look at it, renting a home in Corvallis is a bit pricey, but if one compares Corvallis to other states, such as Washington and California, it’s safe to say that the rates are less expensive.

Buying a Home in Corvallis

Now, if you are considering permanently relocating to Corvallis, buying a home would be something of a long term investment. As mentioned earlier, majority of the homes are rentals. So finding a home for sale would take both consideration and patience.

The home is often priced at the average rate of $212/square foot. And more often than not, rates would vary depending on the location. If the property is near a school or a mall, then the value will increase.

The average price for a home would be at least $270,000 to $355,000. Again this is not the standard price as most homes tend to be listed with Corvallis real estate agencies, therefore prices will vary.


            Corvallis is more than just a city in the heart of a vast valley. It is actually a place perfect for nurturing young adults and young families. While the cost of living may be a bit expensive, you are not buying just a home, but a long relationship with a wholesome and lively city. So while you are still considering, take the time to visualize yourself in a city that accepts all walks of life and when you’re ready, know that the Heart of the Valley is always open. We would then recommend that you look into investment realty opportunities in Corvallis.

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