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New Factors in Deciding Where to Live

The choice of where you live has a big impact on your entire life. This is a crucial decision; therefore, careful planning is needed by considering many important factors. Several articles discuss various factors in depth to help you make the right choice – affordability, living standards, job opportunities, accessibility, sustainability, weather, safety and more. In addition, here are new factors you should consider in deciding where to live that could affect your happiness, quality of life and life path for the years to come.

1. Cost of House Maintenance

Home maintenance is an unavoidable expense and should be included in your annual budget. Since it can be costly, consider the size and age of the house and the weather conditions in the area before buying. Of course, home maintenance is more expensive if you are dealing with a larger property than a smaller one. New homes tend to have lower average maintenance costs than homes that are 20 or 30 years old. Home care in areas with extreme weather is pricier than in temperate climates. When buying a house, be sure to factor in the annual upkeep of the house rather than just looking at the purchase price and property taxes to see if you can really afford it. 

2. 5G Broadband Cellular Networks Availability

5G is the latest mobile network designed to deliver incredibly fast internet speeds and a more stable connection and is expected to transform the world in the future. With high speed, low latency, high capacity and high performance, it will change how we connect, watch or stream our favorite shows, play games and make video calls without interruption and with minimal delay. With the introduction of 5G as a new global standard wireless network, it is best to choose a location with access to this type of broadband cellular network, if not today, but in the near future for a better internet experience. 

3. Grocery and Food Delivery Availability

Are there times when you are too lazy to prepare food or even go to the nearest supermarket to buy groceries? With grocery and food delivery services available in your residential area, you can stay in the comfort of your home while your food and groceries are delivered straight to your door. Modern life is busier than ever, so a delivery service is a lifesaver for the convenience it offers. It helps you save time and energy that you could spend on things that are more important to you such as family, work, social life and leisure activities.

4. Distance from an Amazon’s Fulfillment Center 

With so many people shopping online these days, your home’s distance from an Amazon’s fulfillment center is a new factor to consider when choosing a place to live. The Amazon’s fulfillment center is the location where inventory is stored, picked, packed and prepared for shipping after a customer completes an online purchase. Since it is the hub for all these logistics processes, your proximity to a fulfillment center will determine how quickly your order will be delivered and how much money you will pay for shipping. Therefore, if you enjoy shopping online, it is beneficial to live in an area with a nearby Amazon’s fulfillment center so your shipping costs will be lower and your order will get to you in the shortest time possible. 

5. Availability of Senior Housing 

Aging is inevitable. We all grow old whether we like it or not. Experts recommend to prepare for old age ahead of time. Planning for your future housing needs is important to ensure that you will continue to thrive as you get older. Therefore, you need to take into consideration the availability of senior housing in the location where you plan to live to ensure that you will enjoy a healthy, happy and fulfilling home environment as you get older.

6. Number of Hobby Shops 

Your hobbies, passions and preferences should be added to your list of considerations when deciding where to live. Inevitably, there will be some part of you that will feel dissatisfied when there’s no room to pursue your interests. If you’re a hobbyist, you should look into the number of hobby shops that sells your favorite recreational items such as model airplanes, trains, boats, R/C cars, collectibles, board and card games, computers and more that are available in the location you’re eyeing before finalizing your move. 

7. Checking Monthly Weather 

It is important that there’s a way to check the climate or monthly weather in the place where you live. In general, this information will help you know the nature of the future so you can plan ahead things like how you will dress, what additional gear you will need and your outdoor activities. You can also prepare for possible weather hazards and weather-related health issues such as allergies, asthma and heat stress.

8. Electric Scooter-Sharing Availability 

Electric scooters have become very popular over the last few decades. This is mainly because it is easy, convenient and fun to use to get around in short distances, does not require a driver’s license, cheaper than a car and eco-friendly. Finding a parking space is also easy because it is smaller than a car. 

In most urban areas where an electric scooter-sharing system is in place, you don’t have to buy your own scooter because you can rent it. As most E-scooters are typically “dockless”, you can pick up and drop it off at specific points in the service area. So, if you want to save a lot of money on transportation while you can commute a few kilometers to work or visit your family or friends nearby, look for an area where this type of transportation system operates. 

9. Availability of Plant-Based Meats 

As more and more people adopt a plant-based lifestyle for healthier choices, the growth of plant-based meat industry has accelerated in recent years. To reduce consumption of meat, which can lead to health and environmental problems, the shift to consuming plant-based meats is becoming more common. You can now find plant-based meats take the form of burgers, sausages, nuggets, ground meat and even tuna, shrimp, fish and eggs available in the supermarkets. As it is predicted as the food of the future, the presence of plant-based meat shops in the area where you live should be added to your checklist to keep up with this future global food trend.  

10. Availability of Flexible Shared Workspaces 

Flexible shared workspaces have become a global trend in the last few years. Its popularity is on the rise because it promotes a work environment with a more relaxed atmosphere and with less routine and structure, which can increase employees’ productivity and motivation. These co-working office spaces also encourage social interaction, open communication and offers excellent opportunities to network with clients and business links within the industry. It is also cost-effective for the business owners and freelancers as the fixed monthly price includes everything such as facilities, maintenance and taxes. 

According to a study, a significant percentage of the US workforce will be stationed in flexible shared offices over the next decade. Whether you are an employee, freelancer or a business owner, there’s nothing wrong with getting ready for these latest developments.

11. Air Quality

Air quality is fundamental to your well-being. The presence of pollutants in the air you breathe, which is about 14,000 liters per day, can be dangerous to health especially if you have pre-existing heart and respiratory conditions. Hence, this factor should be at the top of your list in deciding where to live. If you want to maintain a healthy lifestyle, you should also choose an area with available jogging routes, as jogging is a great way to boost your immune system, lose weight, relieve stress and stay flexible as you age. 

12. Tesla or Electric Car Service Centers and Electric Vehicle Charging Station

In the next decade, analysts predict that the global number of electric cars will grow by a large percentage due to its increasing demand in recent years, particularly for the Tesla electric car. This inevitably leads to an increase in demand for service centers and charging stations. Based on the report, Tesla plans to open dozens of new service centers across the United States. It owns and operates an extensive network of Superchargers, the world’s largest fast charging system. With a widespread Supercharger network on major routes worldwide, car owners don’t have to worry about charging on the go. If you plan to switch to electric cars in the future, your residential location should have access to Tesla service centers and Superchargers or to third-party electric car service centers and charging stations. 

13. Solar Panel Installation Cost

As solar panel systems have become increasingly popular due to the surge in solar installations, it is seen as an important integrated method for power generation in the future for homes or businesses. If you consider the costs of solar panel installation when choosing a place to live now, you will benefit in the future when you decide to switch from grid electricity to solar energy to power your home.

14. State CBD Laws

Cannabidiol or CBD is marketed to relieve stress, anxiety and pain, regulate sleep, treat childhood epilepsy syndrome and reduce some symptoms of schizophrenia. While enthusiasts claim that it is more about healing, not all states in the United States have legalized its use. In states where CBD is legal, you can find it everywhere with various restrictions. Whether you are for or against it, it is a good idea to research the CBD laws that apply in the state where you plan to live. 

15. High Internet Speed 

How you maximize your online activities depends on the speed of your internet connection. Therefore, high-speed internet access at your location is a must to enjoy Paramount+ and Netflix HD streaming, online gaming, web browsing, downloading music and even getting your online work done effectively.


  1. These are some really informative points/elements to look for when deciding the best place to live. I will be looking to purchase a place of my own in the near future and so I will have to think about factors that will impact where I pick. Thank you for sharing.

    Lauren – bournemouthgirl

  2. Fantastic post about what to look for when choosing a place to live. So many things to think about that it’s easy to overlook something. Thanks for sharing.

  3. These are great things to look for! Some of them unexpected, but extremely important when you stop to think about it.

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