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Fun Quarantine Activity: Planting Citrus Trees

Are you bored being stuck at home due to COVID-19? Are you coming up short on fun things to do to make each day new? Bring variety to your daily routine during this time of social distancing by working in your garden.

Gardening can be a fun and productive way to keep yourself busy while on self- quarantine. It can ease your stress and anxiety from the current pandemic and generally benefits your physical and mental health. If you’re considering which plants to add to your garden, spring is the perfect time to plant citrus trees. Not only it is one of the easiest fruit trees to grow, its sparkling and aromatic fruits are significantly beneficial in boosting the immune system against infections and illnesses.

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Advantages of Home-Growing Citrus Trees

Every backyard needs at least a citrus tree for the benefits it provides.

Healthy Food Source

Planting citrus trees provides you with the opportunity to grow your family food. Citrus trees are well-known for delivering plentiful yields of succulent and nutritious fruits from which you can enjoy a glass of freshly-squeezed juice or a cool drink of homemade lemonade, a luscious bite of a rich key lime pie, a homemade preserve for your toast, and some aromatic flavours that you can add to your cooking.

Additionally, these citrus fruits have a bunch of health benefits from boosting immunity to fighting cancer. It is a rich source of vitamin C, fibre and various active compounds that help lower cholesterol, regulate glucose levels and promote overall health & wellness. By growing citrus trees yourself, you can ensure that the food you eat will be organic, fresher, and ultimately healthier than those you find in the grocery aisle, saving you oneΒ less trip to the local grocery.


Citrus trees are productive yet ornamental. With attractive, lush, shiny green leaves and fragrant blossoms, they make a valuable contribution to any landscape.

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For tight spaces, dwarf citrus trees can be grown in pots. They are simply regular trees that are grafted onto smaller plant rootstock and typically grow to maximum height of 10 feet tall, which are ideal for decorating in porches, patios, balconies, outdoor entryway and even indoor.

Decorative potted trees bring life, light, colours and fun to any room or void spaces. They can make your space feel crisp, lovely and clean particularly during spring and summer. Citrus trees come in all shapes and sizes, so you need to pick one that will really fit your space and make other decor pop. If you plan to place dwarf citrus like Meyer lemon, Moro Blood orange, or Rudy Red grapefruit trees inside your home, and have your lovely trees delivered right to your doorstep.

Environmental Benefits

Planting a tree, regardless of type, is largely beneficial for the environment. It is a great contributor to the prevention of further climate change. Trees also provide better air quality by filtering the air and absorbing pollutant gases. They give shade around a property bringing down the temperature and thus, reducing utility costs. Some other benefits of planting trees at home include boosting biodiversity, prevention of water pollution and soil erosion, and more.

Care Tips

For home-grown citrus trees to bear abundant tasty fruits, one needs to know how to keep them healthy and productive. Knowledge and information on proper planting, soil quality, amount of sunlight, good watering, nutritious fertilizing, proper pruning, cold protection and pest protection are thus crucial. It provides tips on how to properly care for citrus trees. Visit their webpage, www.citrus.com now to get started.


  1. This sounds like such a great idea! I’ve never been good with gardening but I love the sound of planting a citrus tree – something to consider for next perhaps! Thank you for sharing! x

  2. I wasn’t tested positive, but I suddenly catched dry cough and cold. I recovered.
    This article helped a lot! Thank you 🌻

  3. Omg, a Home-Growing Citrus Tree is such a beautiful and nice idea! I would love to have one Citrus Tree, but too oft my plants die πŸ˜€ due to that, taking a Citrus Tree for me would be a big step!

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