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6 Cheap Security Products For Your Home

If you’re looking for some cheap but effective products to secure your home, then this article is perfect for you. Listed below are some security products that can be helpful for your home’s security and safety:

  1. STREETWISE™ 24/7 LED Fake IR Bullet Camera Silver. Don’t have any budget for a real CCTV Camera but you still want to scare the burglars off from your property? This fake camera is perfect for you. With its aesthetics and design the same as a real camera, it can fool even burglars with the sharpest eyes! It’s 24-hour blinking LED light also gives a realistic appeal, effectively scaring off intruders. It is powered with 2 AA batteries for its LED function and its housing is rigid enough to withstand different weather conditions. Another helpful property for this product is that it is easy to install and its viewing angle can be easily adjusted.

2. STREETWISE™ Eye In The Sky 360º HD Motion Activated WiFi Camera. Do you want to remotely monitor your entire room at different angles and through an application on a smart device? This  360º camera can provide you the convenience for monitoring and the coverage that you need. It can easily adjust to various lighting conditions with its night vision capabilities and can record any activity in a SD Card as long as motion is detected. It is also a customizable sound alarm equipped with multiple motion fields to ensure that the recording is not triggered by pets. Being a smart device, the Eye In The Sky is also capable of having an audio communication  both between the area being surveilled and the one monitoring the surveillance. 

3. The Lock Locker™ Deadbolt Security Latch Clear. If you live in a condominium or a building where your main door is exposed and easily accessible to other people, this product is perfect for your protection. This product is aimed to prevent lockpickers from successfully invading doors. It is made of durable polyurethane fitted into the door handle and deadbolt knob, which consequently secures the lock and ensures that your deadbolt is no longer capable of turning ensuring that the door is inaccessible to everyone including those who have keys. It is also handy and can be used in rooms even if you’re travelling. 

4. Streetwise Super Door Stop Wedge Alarm 125 dB. Unlike conventional door alarms which are mounted to the wall and rings whenever there is an intruder, this product is a new concept in the form of a door wedge. This door wedge is placed under doors which houses a movement sensor and an 125 dB alarm that is triggered whenever the movement sensor detects some activity.  Powered by a simple 9v battery, it is also anti-slip ensuring its fixture on the floor. It can also be used in different doors being lightweight and having a compact design. 

5. U.S. Patrol Dog Barking Door Alarm Security Bar. This simple security bar is easy to use and to install. It just need to be placed under a door knob that you want to secure or between sliding glass doors. As soon as there is a disturbance and movement of the door, a silent alarm and dog bark will be emitted. It is made of still with bottom grip on the foot whose length is adjustable from 30” to 43”.


6. U.S. Patrol Fake Plug Outlet Hidden Diversion Wall Safe. If you’re looking for a safe compartment to place your precious items within your home or office. This item is perfect for you. It is made of high-impact plastic and metal equipped with a template to aide in fast installation.


  1. My sister did the barking dog thing once… put a Beware of Dog sign on her fence, Had no dog, but the postal service left a notice that they would no longer deliver her mail due to the dog. Ironic, isn’t it?

  2. I was just thinking about any such post and here it is!! .. Though written long ago.. But i needed it right this time😄😄😄
    Thankyou so much for sharing it☺️☺️

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