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Top 5 Advantages Of Having A Kitchen Island

Still thinking about whether you should get a kitchen island or not? Well, if you’re having some second thoughts, maybe some items below will help you steer into making a decision on why it’s advantageous to get a kitchen island.

1. More Storage For Kitchen Items

While most kitchen islands are located usually in the center of the kitchen, it is a convenient place for storing commonly used items such as knife, spices, baking ingredients and even some wine. Most kitchen islands would have to adapt to the current design of your kitchen but that doesn’t mean that you cannot add shelves and cabinets on the lower portion. Another thing about adding a kitchen island as an improvement is that you can customize its compartments and structure.

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2. Can Serve As Temporary Bar

If you like having drinks with your friends and guests, then your kitchen island might be the perfect bar for you. Most kitchen islands have taller surface compared to kitchen countertops. By using the island as a temporary bar,  it saves you the energy from driving into an actual bar! Instead you can store your liquor and wine in the fridge or island compartment and have drinks while munching on some homemade snacks at the comfort of your own home.

3. More Space For Cooking and Baking

Are you a inspiring chef or baker? If you think of the kitchen as your favorite part of your home and you like to spend time learning new recipes then you’ll love the kitchen island as much as a new recipe! Having a kitchen islands means more room to put your ingredients, spices and baking items. You can even have a book holder for your recipes.

By having more space for your cooking and baking journey, you become more capable of creating more dishes and pastries. You can even turn kitchen activities into a family bonding. Such activities include cookie and cupcake making with the kids, preparing dishes for a date night with your partner and rediscovering your talent with easy-to-follow recipes in the TV and internet!

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4. Better Kitchen Design

If you’re one to be keen about making your house look perfect, then you might not be fond of big vacant spaces. Without a kitchen island, your kitchen might look like a canvass without a subject. This is why most interior designers find it fascinating to design a kitchen island especially for homes that have a large floor area. Because the possibilities for design and usage of it are limitless! Other than being a functional area, a kitchen island might just make your kitchen look more beautiful than ever.

5. Can Serve as Temporary Dining Table

If you’re in a family both you and your partner are still working, then breakfast might be difficult and hastened most of the time. With a kitchen table, you can simply lay down a cereal box and a pitcher of milk and your kids will know what to do! You can watch them eat as you prepare their lunch box or as you eat too.

What makes the kitchen island better than the normal dining table is that its location is normally near the sink so it’s easy to clean up the mess from preparing and eating! This way, the continuous bond of morning greetings within family members is never ended and everybody gets to see each other before the start of a busy day. 


  1. Sure. I buy into the idea. Seen it in many American homes. Unfortunately, the place I live in, it is unusual to have kitchens of a size where it is possible 😦

  2. What a great article. Thank you. I have a question for you. Right now, our sink is in the island. This means the island is really messy, and it does not leave a lot of room to work on the island. I want to move the sink to the wall counter, but there is no window to look out of. Is there a design solution for a sink on a wall counter with no window?

  3. Nice one 😀
    I also post about U Shaped Kitchen Layouts Design … if you want i can put some of your image in my other post about kitchen ???

  4. My family has a kitchen island- the stove is there, along with silverware, cooking bowls, knives, teaspoons/tablesspoons- just that type of stuff

  5. I am in the minority. Islands are not impressing me. I’m just not seeing it. I am living in an apartment with a peninsula the size of my future island in the home I am building. I have no more cupboard space because it has a sink and dishwasher. I have no serious extra counter space because the two things under it take the same space island or not.

    I do agree it gives you some temporary place for folks to park themselves. After 30 days in an apartment with the like, it is just a kitchen counter moved to the other side of the kitchen without a wall. It is more bright and open, but really no more counter or cupboard space.

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