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Top 7 Ideas On How To Organize Kids’ Toys

1. Use Colorful Cabinets and Boxes

Want to know how most parents figure out that the box in their home contains lots of toys? It’s usually because most toy boxes are covered with kid-friendly colors and patterns. Setting your toys in colorful boxes and cabinets also gives your kids the mindset that the toys they use are stored in such compartments. Additionally, colorful cabinets are healthy to the kids’ eyes but also friendly to a themed room or house. 

2. Group According to Frequency of Use

If you are going to sort out toys in a compartment, make sure to group along toys which are usually used by children. This way you can prevent tantrums of kids who end up being disappointed when they open a box and they don’t see their favorite toys. You may also want to put it in your Snug along with your books and its like your little bonding corner in your house.

3. Mix and Substitute Toys

If you’re keeping a box with frequently used toys, then there’s a possibility that some of the toys in your home end up being neglected for some time because they are not your child’s current favorite. Sadly, most toys end up being damaged because they are stored for a long time. To avoid this, mix up some of the less-used toys to the frequently used toys! Your child won’t even notice this type of organizing trick and he’ll end up using new toys so all available toys in your household will be utilized once in a while. 

4. Ensure That The Toys Are Child-Friendly

Take the opportunity to check on the toys you’ve bought and toys that were gifted to your child. Look out for the sharp corners and scrape theme using sandpaper. Seek for any excess material, especially for plastic toys to avoid them being consumed by children out of curiosity. If you have toys that require extreme activities, take time to check if all safety precautions are stable.

5. Keep The Toys In A High Corner

For toys which are sharp, small and causes too much clutter – such as lego, puzzles and cards. You may keep them in a storage bin on top of a cabinet – where your child cannot easily reach this. In this way, a child will also learn to seek out the help of adults when they want to play on a specific toy or game; thereby developing a bond between children and parents. This method of keeping toys also instills a value of discipline for some kids as they attain a mindset that the toys in the high corner of their house are off-limits for now.

6. Regularly Clean The Toys

Children can be immersed with their toys and they can be as imaginative as they can be with everything they have in hand. Their interest for curiosity is boundless. Naturally, they try things that are considerably childish – eating and tasting almost everything they get their hands on, putting all their toys at the wrong places. So, take the opportunity to clean and sanitize your child’s toys while you’re organizing it. That way you’ll also learn how curious your child is as he is growing with all the things he’s been doing with these toys. 

7. Set Aside For Giveaways

Toys tend to pile up over the years – birthdays, graduations, Christmas are just some of the occasions where children get toys. To instill a kind generous way to live to your child, set an example by asking your child to set-aside some toys for giveaways to the less fortunate. You can even accompany him as he gives toys to homeless children or orphaned children. This is one of the best experiences and manners your child can have and maintain while growing up. 


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