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Top 4 Smart Technology For Your Home

With the increasing popularity of Internet-Of-Things (IoT), it has also increased the popularity of home automations. Consequently, many devices have been developed and have become available in the market for consumers use. Some of these smart technologies include:

Smart Home Hub

Most hubs serve as the nerve in the center of your home automation. These nerves connect your different devices altogether. The hubs are in charge of control and integration of different smart home devices using wireless technologies such as bluetooth, wifi, z-wave and zigbee. Some of the most common smart hubs include:

a. Samsung SmartThings Hub – a versatile home automation hub that works with different wireless technologies, you can control thermostat, video cameras door locks, dimmer switches and smoke detectors using your hub.

b. Logitech Harmony Elite – integrated with Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, it has an advanced universal remote and a hub that you can connect to different smart devices. 

c. Brilliant Home Control – a unique wall switch with Alexa and a colour touch screen that incorporates other devices with platforms such as Ecobee, Nesta and Philipps. With it you can control the music and temperatures.

2. Smart Surveillance Technology

Having your home under surveillance is one of the smartest things to do as you will be able to monitor any type of break-ins or damages done inside your premises. You can even use this to monitor the activities of your baby if you are in another area of the house. Additionally, you can use smart surveillance as locks if you want to control the entry of your home through face detection. Having a smart surveillance in your home will enable you to access and control the feed within your phone or laptop. Here are some of the most common surveillance tech available in the market:

a. Wyze Cam Pan – an inexpensive indoor camera that is equipped with mechanical flexibility – tilty, rotation and motion tracking. Additionally it has a local and free cloud storage and is supported by Alexa.

b. Canary All-In-One Home Security Device – a camera that is simple to install and has 1080p resolution and can be Alexa and Google Assistant. 

c. Nest Cam IQ Indoor – a surveillance camera that has an excellent face recognition and is motion & sound detection that is enable to work with other smart home devices. 

3. Smart Speaker (With Voice Assistant)

A type of wireless speaker or voice-accepting command device through a microphone which usually has an integrated virtual assistant with the help of some fixed word commands. Most smart speakers are even integrated into other home automation devices extending their function more than an audio playback.

These smart speakers are usually connected through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other wireless technology. There are a variety of voice assistant that you can choose from that you can integrate to the speaker – Alexa (created by Amazon),  Google Home Max (with Google Assistant) and Apple’s Siri. Aesthetics-wise, Amazon and Google more speakers that can conveniently fit to your home decor.

In the functionality and customization aspect, Amazon and Google is still dominant  as it can recognize multiple voice profiles and respond accordingly to their settings. 

4. Smart Display

Just like the smart speaker, the smart display is simply a screen which mostly displays the variety of commands available as well as the information you would want to know, such as the temperature and the top news available. Some of the most popular smart display in the market include:

a. Echo Show – incorporated with Amazon’s voice assistance (Alexa). It has a fully functional web browsers, touch screen control of smart home devices, live-feed from security cameras as well as play video from Amazon video.

b. Google Home Hub – the least expensive Google Assistant smart display available where you can watch YouTube videos straight from YouTube application.


  1. This technology is so much more more than just convenient gadgetry. Disabled users can really benefit from remotely activated devices if mobility is impaired. Voice activation can help keep hands free to use walking aids or if regular switches and controls are hard to use.

  2. Very soon we all will find it difficult to differentiate between reality and the virtual world. Alexa, smart surveillance, lighting is too good and people should adopt, but I personally feel we are turning mechanical with all this technological inundation.

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