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Home Interior Design for a Day Person

Do your friends describe you as a morning person? If so, what is your morning routine? What do you usually do? What are your daily habits? What’s the furniture in your home?

Or have you encountered someone who often stays at home for long periods of time, even during their day offs? 

There are those types of people who prefer staying at home during the days. Especially those who enjoy their privacy and often work at home for long periods of time.  These are the types who invest in making their home as comfortable and secure as possible.

So how do you design a home interior for a day person?  Here are a few considerations on what to do when designing an interior for them.

Waking up with the Sunrise at the beach
Sunrise at the beach

1. Lighting means everything

Literally! A day person enjoys waking up to a completely lit room either by natural light or by artificial light. If the house has a lot of windows, use it to your design advantage. Place sofas against the window for a more natural setting or create a lounging area around a window. Instead of window blinds, opt for soft curtains such voile and sheer curtains.

Desk and Chair with a Morning Window
Morning Window

2. Colors and patterns are important too

A morning person likes living in a place that is full of color. A very popular belief about morning people is that they are positive and live by the age old saying “carpe diem”.  

As such, they surround themselves with anything bright and positive such as colors. Use pastels such as yellows, mint greens, seafoam blues and , if you’re bold enough, light oranges.

Pastels for a morning person
Pastels for a morning person

Patterns are also a great way to enhance the atmosphere. Use patterns like florals and soft geometrics to boost the overall feel.

3. Texture and Materials

Apart from patterns, people who enjoy working or doing things during the day are very particular when it comes to texture. When they have completed their morning routine; which may involve exercise or cooking whichever, they would look forward to sitting down on a firm and comfortable couch or simply cuddling up with fluffy pillows. Day persons like the look and feel of soft textures as well as natural textures, with the latter relating to their love of all things the natural world could provide.

4. Create an Active Zone

Day persons love doing active things. So create a space where they can exercise. If they love to jog or walk, look for an area with either a great view of the natural world or ample sunlight. You can put a treadmill by the window so that while they jog they can enjoy the view. You can also create a meditation place if they are into yoga.

5. Comfort and Lounging

Morning persons are also considered as ‘couch potatoes’ and love to laze around in comfortable furniture such as L-shape sofas, beds and even bean bags. They also love entertaining friends and often use the living room as well as the entertainment room. L-shape sofas not only save space, but also make for intimate conversations seats with friends. Bean bags are a good substitute for accent chairs. Add plush fabrics and chunky throw blankets for that extra comfort. Day persons like the feeling of being warm and fuzzy so to speak.

Girl Woke up and ready for the day
Ready for the day

These tips, when put into actual practice, will help you create the perfect interior for that one person who simply can’t wait to wake up and seize the moment. They are also quite helpful for creating the warm and fuzzy ambiance of any home. And more often than not, day persons make really great company and hosts. Especially if they are hosting in their own happy home.


  1. WOW SUPER LOVE THIS!!! ❤️❤️❤️ I I’m clearly a morning person haha! Love your ideas 💡 so inspiring! ⭐️💫⭐️💫⭐️💫

  2. I am definitely a morning person. Love the light, sheer curtains to let in more light, pastel colours, light and airy. Also lazy and like to lounge around 😁
    I am loving your blog. Thank you ❤️

  3. Very interesting. I am a morning person and do prefer more light, room to dance, comfy nurturing places to lounge, color and pattern. I do prefer light blocking drapes in the bedroom for sleep but otherwise, yes, lots of light.

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