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5 Effective Ways To Take Good Care Of Your Patio Furniture

Wooden chair with table on patio

Patio furnitures have become a significant market not only for manufacturers but also for consumers. Having a patio and furnitures that suit with it makes a home more attractive and comfortable. If you have patio furnitures and want them to be properly maintained, here are some ways to effectively take care of them:

1. Do Regular Cleaning Of Your Furniture Using The Right Tools

Regularly cleaning your furnitures is the most effective way in making your furnitures last long inside your household. But, what’s important to remember is that cleaning is only effective when you’re using the right tools.

man cleaning service concept clean room and office tools
cleaning is only effective when you’re using the right tools
  • Wooden Furnitures – You cannot use water to clean wooden furnitures because that would weaken its composition and structure, instead you can use a cloth to wipe dust and dirt. If a stain persists, a cloth with water and soap texture can be used.
  • Glass Furnitures – For furnitures with glass, the best way to clean out stains is with a glass cleaner. Most glass cleaners are available in the supermarket. Avoid using sharp materials such as knife or blade to remove stains on glass surface because it might cause breakage or irreversible scratches.
  • Plastic Furnitures – You can use tap water to clean plastic furnitures but do not use water with high temperature (warm or lukewarm) as it affects the composition of plastic. Stains can also be removed using bleach.
  • Cushions and Fabric – cushions should be regularly cleaned as they attract most dirt and dust. Wash them regularly and if your cushions have sleeves regularly change them and wash them just like your clothes. If they are stained, its best to wash them quickly as being dried and heated will cause them to cling on to the fabric.

2. Take Preventive Maintenance

Just like cars, furnitures also have preventive maintenance.

Paintbrush in hand and painting on the wooden table. Retro and v
  • Plastic Furnitures – Apply bondage or adhesive on cracks and breakage, especially on legs or areas that function as support of furnitures.
  • Wooden Furnitures – Apply wax and polish so that they are protected from the rain water and extreme heat from the sun.
  • Cushions and Fabric -Change the sleeves constantly so that dirt and dust does not accumulate.

3. Keep The Cushions In

Cushions are usually made of polyester fiber which is sensitive to high temperatures (heat) and can cause degradation if exposed for a long time. If you have cushions in your furniture to provide comfort or relaxation, you can keep them inside your house during night time. Such cautions are also prone to being dirty especially if there is an animal intrusion in your house.

4. Protect It From The Sun If Unused

Most furnitures have heat from the sun as a common weakness. Although temperatures that we experience on a daily basis are lower than materials’ breaking point, long exposure to such temperatures will cause degradation eventually. Such degradation is even more likely to happen especially during a transition of weather because there is a significant change of temperatures. If you have a small covered area near your patio where you can put your furnitures are unused, you can store them there especially if no one is going to use such furnitures for quite some time (e.g. patio furnitures are unlikely used during winter)

5. Check The Furnitures In A Constant Manner

To avoid accidents and irreversible damage to your furnitures, doing constant checks on furnitures will help.

  • Wooden / Plastic Furnitures – check for cracks or breakage, especially on areas that function as support (e.g. legs of tables and chairs)
  • Glass Furnitures – check for breakage or cracks, especially on the corners where they are most prone to being damaged.
  • Hammocks / Fabrics – check if there is weakening of fabric or if there are stains that need to be washed quickly so that they won’t adhere or discolor the fabric.


  1. You favor wax over oil for wooden furniture? We have recently used beeswax on some outside furniture and although used sparingly it is leaving the surfaces tacky even after a good rub down.

  2. I have a hard time collecting all my cushions at night so I don’t. But I do brush them down often. I figure I can cover them each year or just get new ones on sale the next.

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