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5 Ways To Prepare Your Home For a 4-Year Old Toddler

Are you moving into a new home? Still looking for some ways to make your new home friendly to your new toddler? You’ve come to the right place. Below are some ideas on how to make your home friendly to your four year-old toddler:

1. Brighten Up The Ambiance Color

By the age of four, your toddler is still learning and continuously developing his interest in his surroundings. By providing sturdy and human-impact safety windows you allow light to pass through your house and your toddler is able to see the sky and the trees during daytime even when he is inside the room. This actually helps your toddler give a sense of time and sparks a curiosity into their minds, especially when they see contrasting colors such as green, blue and white. Additionally, having a light color for your wallpaper will also help keep them in a good mood and make the surroundings light to their eyes.

Interior design of a kindergarten classroom

2. Child Proof Corners, Windows and Outlets

If you have glass windows or doors, make sure that they are not as clear as a day or are sturdy. A toddler might not think that a glass is existent unless he hits himself with it when he runs straight towards the outside area of your home. If you have sharp corners, put baby bumpers so that it won’t hurt in case your toddler hits his head with it. For electric outlets, put outlet covers so your toddler won’t even attempt to put anything with it. Always remember that the safety of your toddler is a primary priority and your home because it is where he should feels safe the most. 

3. Provide Accessible Rest Areas

Child sleeping in couch
you can have a couch or a carpet with pillows where your toddler can easily rest and take a nap

At age 4, most toddlers like to crawl and run around and with all their energy spent playing with toys, being curious with furniture and even with people. They end up sleeping almost anywhere. To give your toddler a sense of comfort, you can have a couch or a carpet with pillows where your toddler can easily rest and take a nap. From there, you can pick them up and put them in their bed. There are a variety of carpets and couches with kid-friendly designs in the market so you should not worry about having to entice your child into using it – they will simply be attracted to it and just rest when they’re tired.

4. Make Toys Accessible

If you don’t want your child to throw any tantrums then you should know how to make toys accessible. You can set up an area filled with toys and have them play on that specific area. Or you can have a box in your living room and teach your child to keep their toys into that box after playing – this way you’re hitting two birds with one stone! You’ll be able to teach him a sense of responsibility and of course let him enjoy his childhood. If you can, you can even rotate toys within the box to make sure that the toys he is using are educational and clean.

kid's bedroom filled with toys on white background
You can set up an area filled with toys and have them play on that specific area

5. Set Up Nanny Cams

If you live in a large house and your toddler is an energetic one who keeps on running around then a nanny cam would help! You can monitor his whereabouts within the house with this one. And if you have someone babysitting your toddler, you can ensure his safety using a nanny cam. Nanny cams can be quite expensive but they are definitely worth the investment.


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