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Top 5 Tips For Building A Dog House

Lovely dog posing in the garden
Lovely dog posing in the garden

Is your dog making too much trouble inside your house and you want to create a suitable home for him? Do you want to build a customized house that will suit his need and comfort? If you’re planning to build a home for your dog, why don’t you check out the tips below to make sure that you have everything considered:

1. Choose The Right Size And Material

Before you head out and create a plan, take time to observe your dog as to what his comfortable sleeping or resting position is. This will give you an idea as to what is the suitable size for your dog. The dog house should feel like his home and he should feel most comfortable whenever he’s in it. It should have a sufficient space for him to enter or exit, and even a wider space allowance in the case that he gains weight, grow taller or have a litter of puppies. Secondly, just like you’re building your own home – select a material that provides comfort and protection for a sustainable time. Some of the most common materials for building a dog house include lumber or other types of wood because it is easier to model and work with.   

Residential district in summer
Make sure that it’s a location that has a good dose of sunshine but well-ventilated and easy to access

2. Select A Location For The Dog House

To figure out the suitable design for your dog’s house, select a location within your home where you’ll place the dog house. Make sure that it’s a location that has a good dose of sunshine but well-ventilated and easy to access when you want to clean that area. It’s also important that the dog house can be easily seen by household members or that the dog will be able to see his family even if he’s inside his house – this will provide your dog a sense of comfort and he won’t feel isolated despite having a different ‘house’. And of course, select a design that makes your dog most comfortable and protected –if possible, choose a design or color scheme that is similar to your house so it will truly feel like home for your dog!

3. Keep It Ventilated and Weather-Proof

Did you know that there are many cases of dogs getting sick because of heatstroke or lack of air? If you’re going to have a dog house and have your dog stay in that house most of the time, then it’s necessary to have a design with ventilation. You can have windows on the side wall or even an attic-like window on top of its entrance. Utilize a slanted roof so that whenever there is rain it does not seep in to the dog house. Another trick to add to ventilation is to raise the dog house by at least 2 inches above ground, as this ensures the flow of air below the base of dog house. If you experience winter, then it’s best to select a design that you can reinforce with wind blockers when it is needed.

4. Make It Easy To Clean

Just like any other home, the dog house will require maintenance and cleaning from time to time. To make it easy to clean, you can use a hinge on the roof, so that you will just remove the roof if you want to clean the dog house room. Cleaning from the top also ensures that all areas of the house are clean.

puppy cocker spaniel in front of white background
dog house should feel like home

5. Add Furnishings To Make Your Pet Comfortable

To make your pet fully comfortable, the dog house should feel like home – add carpets, pillows and stickers. You can even add other items such as name plates, signages and bells!  Adding such items will make your dog feel he is loved and is truly a part of the family.


  1. Can I use link to this on my blog? Such a great post! The hubs and I are thinking about building a dog house in the back of our new build for our pomsky and this was super helpful!

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