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4 Different Types of Faucet

With the increasingly innovative designs of faucets in the market, most consumers have more choices to select as to what type of faucets to use in their homes.What most consumers fail to see other than the aesthetics of the faucet is the maintenance and how each faucet is different from one another. Below are the four common types of faucet:

Faucet turned on, running water with water jar and flower

1. Compression Faucet

This type is the most basic washer faucet. These is the most common faucet found in indoor plumbing and the least expensive, however this is the most prone to leaking and requires more maintenance as the rubber that serves as washer usually wears out over time. Most compression faucets have separate handles for the hot and cold water. The most simple explanation for how the compression faucet works is  that when the handle is turned, it raises or lowers the stem’s base and then a seal or washer opens or closes the water’s passageway otherwise known as the valve seat.

2. Ball Faucet.

The most common type of faucet found in kitchen sinks, ball faucets do not have washer and only have a single handle. The ball faucets operates a rotating slotted metal ball that operates through a single lever. To control whether hot and cold water is released, the slots in the ball align with the inlet seats and in that same manner the amount of water that comes out is controlled. Basically, the ball’s position which is controlled by the lever controls the water pressure and the mixing of water to achieve the desired temperature of the water. Another thing to note about ball faucets is that they still contain rubber o-rings and rubber seals but are less prone to being worn out compared to that of a compression faucet. However, the ball faucet contains more parts than other types of faucet, therefore it is also prone to leaking.

3. Cartridge Faucet

The cartridge faucet is another washerless faucet. Most cartridge faucets also have two handles same as compression faucet but they also have the option of having one handle. It contains a cartridge insert that is usually hollow metal or plastic that seals the faucet body. To control the temperature of the water,the handles are rotated in such a way that the holes in the cartridge align with the stem where water is mixed while the water pressure is controlled by an up-and-down movement of the handle. Just like the washers, most cartridges also require replacement once there is a drip.

4. Disc Faucet

This is the most recent type of faucet and are usually ceramic-type. It functions with the use of two ceramic discs found inside the body that move against each other in a shearing manner which then allows or block water. To control the temperature of the water, disc faucets employ a pressure balance cartridge wherein the mixture of water to control the temperature is rotation of handle from one side to another. Among the different types of faucet, the disc faucet is the most expensive but almost maintenance-free.

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