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Top 5 Home Office Tips For Work At Home Moms

Are you a mother who is planning to work-from-home? Are you planning to set up an office in your home? Being a work-at-home mom is one of the most recent and successful trend in this millenium, with the many opportunities available, many have opted to work and find success just by setting up an office and work from their homes. Here are some tips on setting up an office for work-at-home-moms:

Photo by Djurdjica Boskovic on Unsplash

Choose An Area With Good Lighting

The lighting on a specific area such as an area is similar to weather, it can dictate that area’s mood – sunny & bright and dark & gloomy. If you select an area with good lighting you are able to watch how a day goes by as the sun moves around. Additionally, exposure to the sun for a short period of time can give you a boost to start a productive day and some Vitamin D! If you like working at night, then have a nightlight or bulb that can illuminate your workspace so as to avoid feeling sleepy while working. Having a good light in your office will also give you a brighter view on your overall work and spot those tiny mistakes and errors that you might have missed. If you’re writing or working on a PC, good lighting is also healthy as it can prevent straining your eyes as the light around your office should be enough to focus on what you’re doing.

Use Ergonomic Furnitures

Even corporate offices implement ergonomic tables and chairs – do you know why? Because it is healthy, efficient and aids in productivity! One of the most common causes of musculoskeletal is the posture of a person throughout the day. Ergonomic furnitures help relieve the usually strained muscles in the back, neck and hands throughout the day. Despite being more expensive than other furnitures, these ergonomic furnitures are good investments as most of them are durable and comfortable. This is even more important for work-at-home moms as they can relax even while working.

Accessibility Is The Key

Remember that your office is just a part of your home, and the location must be strategic in such a way that it is accessible from and to different areas of your house. If you’re going to need resources such as books and internet, set your office at an area where bookshelves can be assembled and if you’re using Wi-Fi, ensure that connection is strong. For moms working full time, chances are, you’ll be going the bathroom frequently so ensure that your office has easy access to the bathroom. For some, who like to work with tv or music on the background, then a location near the living room would be appropriate. Lastly and most importantly, choose a location wherein you can entertain visitors or clients – this will increase your credibility and can even be chance for you to impress clients with your work!

Select Light-Colored Items

Having a good ambiance around your office brightens the mood. With light colored items such as table cover, mats and even pen holders – you’ll brighten the mood in your office and be inspired to be positive with the work day ahead. Light-colored items also make it easier for you to find stored things such as pens, papers and office supplies.

S-O-L: Storage, Organization and Labels

If you’re dealing with a lot of paperwork, labels and small items such as books and office supplies, then one thing you’ll need for your office is a good storage system for your things! Having a good storage system such as drawers, boxes or plastic containers will help you to keep things organized and sorted according to your liking. Having labels will also help as it will be easier for you to access and look for the items you’ll need.


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