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How To Paint Your Garage Floor

Rusty garage door splashed with white paint

Tired of looking at your old dirty floor and want to revamp your floor? If you’ve been wanting to revamp your garage floor with a new paint using your own pair of hands then the below steps will enlighten you on how to do it:

Prepare and Clean The Surface

Extensively check the different areas of your garage floor and check for any rough, stained surfaces or has absorbed excess dirt. There are many methods to clean such surfaces, for oil stains – use sawdust or any oil-absorbing material. And then a push broom to wash away dust and dirt. If there are stains, use a cleaning detergent to remove it. For even more stubborn stains, wash it with hot water and cleaning detergent. These steps ensure that the surface of your garage floor is in a clean condition prior painting.

Fill In The Cracks

Inspect further if there are any cracks on the floor – whether it’s big or small crack, it will need to be filled in. Use epoxy for filling in the cracks. After filling in the cracks, make sure to scrape of excess epoxy to even out the surface. To have a better finish, you can smoothen the surface with epoxy applied using grinder or sand paper.

Test the Garage Floor

By testing – check if your garage floor has been previously sealed, or if it has moisture presence..

Prime or seal the Floor

The purpose of putting a primer or sealing the garage floor is for easier cleaning – minimal dust buildup, easier brushing and to prevent staining. There are many primers available but most commonly used are epoxy-based or solvent-thinned primers. Primers also aid in adhesion of paint to the floor, especially if the floor is prone to moisture or concrete is already old and ageing. To apply the primer, a nylon brush can be used for painting the sharp edges. For the bigger and planar surfaces, a roller should be used as it has less risks of inducing lint, dirt and other foreign materials. Leave the primer for at least a day.


Apply paint to the garage floor in the similar manner, the primer was applied. Use nylon brush for sharp edges and roller for larger areas. In selecting the paint to be applied in the garage floor, make sure that your selecting an epoxy paint especially made for garage floors. This will ensure that the paint is properly adhered into the floor.


  1. The leading cause of coating failures is lack of proper surface preparation. This includes fixing cracks, filling holes and profiling the surface that is why you need to resurface your garage floor first before doing anything else.

  2. There are other options when it comes to improving the floor of your garage. But the use of paints is your best option, once you have decided to paint your garage it is best that you plan ahead. Take note that the solution requires drying time.

  3. I sealed mine for the first time last year. The salt that drips off my car in the winter is ruining our concrete. Do you think paint would hold up to the salt?

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