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How to Make a Tiny House Look Bigger

According to Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn (The Minimalists), the average American has around 300,000 stuff in their homes. How many of these stuff do you think we really use or need in our lives? But one thing for sure is that no matter how large or small your house is, it seems that there’s never enough space for our stuff.

De-cluttering is the first and foremost step before even thinking about decorations or renovations. De-cluttering helps identify what you need, truly love and desire to keep. Once you’ve sorted out your stuff and removed your unwanted or unnecessary things, then you’re ready for some changes.

Small dining table and chairs in a corner beside a window

Decorating on the other hand is not about imitating style but instead it’s about expressing your own, meaning, a beautiful home for one family can be quite odd and unattractive for another. But what if your style crams up your already small space and making it even smaller? Don’t worry, here’s are some stuff that you should about making small spaces seem larger.

Use a Monochromatic Scheme

purple wall, couches, pink curtains
remember to use a monochromatic scheme

If you have the budget and/or the time to paint your walls anew then consider choosing a base color that blends with your furniture and other accessories. If not, that’s still okay… But when decorating (with or without a fresh coat of paint) remember to use a Monochromatic scheme which means you have one color that serves as the theme and to use your accessories like curtains, furniture and other decors that complements each other to have a picturesque view of your place.

Furniture and Accessories

You’ll want to move your furniture like your couch out of the way and place tall pieces like cabinets towards the wall. This gives you more room to walk around with no distractions making the room less cramped. Neatly organize your stuff but avoid filling up your shelves. It’s always best to leave some empty spaces to create an airy feel and look.

Pillow and Sofa decoration in luxury livingroom interior
move your furniture like your couch out of the way and place tall pieces like cabinets towards the wall

If storage is a problem then consider using multi-purpose furniture like an ottoman which can be used for seating, as a desk and for storage. Just remember to choose ones that shows their legs – the more floor the eyes can see, the wider the area it may seem.  

  • Lamps and Light Fixtures
    Strategically place your lamps and other light fixtures around a room such as floor lamps in corners and table lamps instead of using overhead lights. This way, it draws the eye to different areas of the room giving the illusion of an expansive room.
  • Rugs
    Its appearance alone enhances and complements an interior space that changes the dynamic of a room. It’s always best to measure the rugs for them to fit nicely inside a room. Take note that the bigger the size of the rug, the larger it makes the room appear. Light colored rugs such as pastels, neutral and off-white are the best and avoid choosing ones with a pattern and those with a heavy texture.
  • Curtains
    The same goes with curtains, avoid using heavy curtain as they tend to absorb the light and make the room feel even smaller. Alternatively, Lightweight curtains and ones with vertical designs like stripes add height to the room. Mount your curtain rods either 2 inches below the ceiling or 4 inches above the window frame to maximize the effect.
  • Reflective Surfaces
    Mirrored walls, glass cabinet doors and table tops, and cool, softly-toned colors all reflect light and promote brightness.  The idea is to use light to your advantage by reflecting it and illuminating your space.
  • Clean Windows
    Speaking of illumination, consider cleaning your windows especially if you have big windows. Dirty windows are not only an eye sore but they also prevent light from entering your home.

In a nutshell, an orderly, well-organized and well-lit room will feel light, more welcoming and larger compared to cluttered rooms with heavy accents. Open up your space to more light either natural or artificial, use airy and light fabrics, and choose cool and neutrals colors for a brighter and more spacious looking room.

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