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Roofing Maintenance Tips: How to Prolong the Life of your Roof

It’s sad to say that most people don’t take the time to inspect their roofs. According to Home advisor, a roof replacement including other roofing services and materials can cost from $5,000 to $10,000. Needless to say, roofing replacements are a major expense that can certainly hurt the budget especially if unprepared.

Roofing Contractor Magazine tells us that our roofs, upon installation, undergoes continuous deterioration and elements such as temperature fluctuations, snow, ice, hail and rain are the biggest culprits. A roof can have an average life of 20-30 years depending on the materials used and given that it is well maintained which then makes roofing maintenance critical to extend the lives of our roof.

As mentioned previously, roofing replacements and repairs are too expensive but why not save yourself from the trouble of looking for a roofing contractor and paying costly services? With these simple DIY maintenance tips, you can prolong the life span of your roof without having the need to hire a roofing specialist:

1. Roof Inspections

Roof repair, worker with white gloves replacing gray tiles or shingles on house with blue sky as background and copy space, Roofing - construction worker standing on a roof covering it with tiles.
Inspections help you spot weak spots that become serious in the long run if ignored

A quick inspection at least once in two or three months can save you a lot of time and money. These inspections help you spot weak spots that become serious in the long run if ignored. It’s also recommended to check the roof after every storm for water stains, leaks and weak or dislodged shingles/tiles.

  • Look for signs of moisture: The best place for roof inspection is from the inside of your home which is the attic. Examine and check the whole attic for signs of moisture and leaks.
  • Look for signs of light: Turn off the lights to be able to see signs of light filtering through the roof deck. If any are found, this give you the idea where the damage is and this may be a sign that your roof needs repair.
  • Check signs of exterior damage:  Roof shingles eventually become dilapidated over time due to their continual exposure to sun, rain and snow. Keep a look out for missing, cracked, curling edges, and missing granules.
  • Get rid of moss: Moss traps water and moisture and adds extra weight in the roof when builds up.

2. Clean your Gutters

image of Roof gutter pipe line.
It is recommended the gutters are inspected and cleaned at least twice a year

Leaves, small braches and other materials can clog your gutters causing leakage that can damage the interiors of your home especially the attic. It is recommended the gutters are inspected and cleaned at least twice a year and always on the lookout for sagging or damaged gutters to prevent further damage.

3. Insulation

Man laying thermal insulation layer under the roof using mineral wool panels, installation of insulation in the house, insulation of the house
Roof insulation promotes ventilation and good airflow

Roof insulation promotes ventilation and good airflow preventing roof sheaths and rafts to rot and other roofing materials to buckle due to heat and moisture. The right insulation stops your roof from warping

4. Replace Missing/Damaged

Roofing, construction worker standing on a roof covering it with tiles
Repair and/or replace damaged roof immediately

Immediately repair and/or replace damaged or missing roofing materials like shingles or tiles to prevent further serious issues with your roof.

  • Sealants/Joints : Immediately seal cracked roof joints and loose sealants as these are moisture entry points causing leaks and mold and rotting overtime

5. Trim Branches and Trees

Countryside house with overgrown trees
Take the time to trim the braches of nearby trees

Branches leaning on the roof scratches and gouges roofing materials, Falling branches from overhanging trees causes dents and even puncture the shingles, falling leaves clog the gutters causing water to backup into the attic or other living spaces.  

Take the time to trim the braches of nearby trees especially when there’s a storm approaching.

6. Do not allow pests to live inside your roof or attic

flock of birds sitting on top of a tiled roof
Birds can cause considerable damage to virtually all types of roofing

Take the necessary steps to exterminate or remove small animals like rodents, squirrels, raccoons and other pests like termites from your roof or attic. Allowing them to live inside your home causes serious damage to your roof as they chew on the materials


  1. It’s good to know that you should immediately repair or replace missing shingles or tiles on your roof if they’re damaged. My wife and I are preparing to move into a new home and we were wondering how early we should repair the roof on the home because it’s been damaged by the previous owners. I’ll be sure to let my wife know that we should repair the shingles right away.

  2. I like that you talked about getting in the attic and checking for moisture and light in the roof. My wife and I are moving to a new home soon but we are concerned that the roof needs to be replaced before we can feel comfortable living there. We will make our decision based on the information in this article.

  3. I like that you explain the importance of looking for signs of moisture to try and see if your roof needs repair since it could be a leak. My husband has been finding water dripping from the roof recently. I think we should find someone with experience in roof repair to help us get things working again.

  4. It makes sense to immediately repair damaged shingles to help prolong the life of our roof as doing so hinders further damage. The other day I noticed that my roof was leaking and I am worried that it might be a problem with the shingles. I will call for a professional roofer immediately to help inspect my roof shingles.

  5. My neighbor told me that she went up to her attic to bring down some things and she got a humid odor and found a water leak. I like how you explained that the attic is one of the places that can easily have moisture and leaks. I will recommend her to contact a roofing company that can inspect her roof as soon as possible.

  6. I didn’t realize that there were situations where the light can filter through the roof. I will have to do the light test, and see if we have any issues with that. If this is the case, what needs to be dine in order to fully repair it?

  7. I agree with you that we should schedule routine roofing inspection to look for signs of moisture on our roof. My husband was telling me the other day that our roof might be leaking. I will talk to him about scheduling regular roofing maintenance for our roof.

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